Carmen Dell'Orefice

Ok let's all take a moment to appreciate how insanely beautiful this woman is.

Rocking it at 85, Carmen is an American model and actress. She is known widely for being the oldest working model and we can all see why she still so much in demand! 

Carmen was born in June 1931 and began modelling at the age of 15 for no less than Vogue! She was on her first cover in 1946 but despite her early success her family struggled financially. With no telephone in their home, runners from the magazines were sent to let Carmen know about modelling jobs.

After several more years working with the likes of Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and being Salvador Dali's muse, Vogue lost interest. Her small frame became a concern so doctors prescribed her shots to start her puberty. Her new curves landed her with new work, earning $300 per hour. Carmen retired from modelling in 1958 after her second marriage but returned later in 1978 and appeared repeatedly, up to this day, in Harper's Bazaar, W and Vogue.

A true inspiration, her life has been a great rollercoaster but she has stayed strong. We love you Carmen!  

Saskia Frost