Annie Leibovitz + David LaChapelle

Annie Leibovitz's work is absolutely stunning. We cannot get enough of her. Greatly inspired by Richard Alvedon, Leibovitz has had a famously successful career in portrait photography. To date she is the only female Artist to have her work displayed in the National Portrait Gallery and has regularly worked for fashion editorials such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Leibovitz has been widely respected for her honest celebrity portraits, and most recently turning them into Disney characters. She has photographed some of the absolute greats including John Lennon, sadly and unbelievably, 5 hours before he was killed. Annie continues to take some absolutely beautiful portraits, most recently her shoot on admirable famous women for the Pirelli calendar last year. 

We love her work and find it a continuous inspiration. 

David LaChapelle is an American photographer known for his Kitsch Pop Surrealism style. At just 17 years old LaChapelle was taken under the wing by Andy Warhol- who advised him "take whatever your want, just make sure everybody looks good". His photography received great positive attention and he started shooting for some top editorials.

LaChapelle's work has been called "meticulously created in a high-gloss, colour popping, hyper realistic style", and his photos are know to "crackle with subversive - or at least hilarious - ideas, rude energy and laughter. They are full of juicy life." 

Well we think it's awesome!

Saskia Frost