Badoo Summer Party

Our clients, Yellow Entertainment, approached us with a very exciting brief at one of the most stunning venues in London, Queens House, Greenwich.

The brief was for guests to ‘feel like anything is possible’ transforming the heritage grounds into a Neverland inspired summer festival. With the Queens House beautiful interior the decision was made to focus on dressing and decorating the outside space and grounds.

To help recreate the Neverland experience, where adults never grow up, we transformed the grounds into a childlike playground. Creating different areas ‘Mermaids Lagoon’, ‘Tiger Lillies Tepees Treasure Trove’, ‘Lost boys Lair’ playing on the names inspired by the Peter Pan film.

We created stunning large water feature in the centre of the lawn with palm trees and foliage dispersing from the fountain creating a tropical lagoon. Within this cove we installed and dressed a large pirate ship with barrel seating, lounge and bar area.

Tinkerbells tepees included an area for face painting, Neverland make overs and entertainment. We dressed the tepees in colourful gorgeous garlands, weaving bunting in and around the tepee and dressed the entire grounds with stunning satin festival flags bringing a lively pop of colour to the event. 

Bespoke branded balloons with gorgeous ivy tails were installed up the stairway weaving ivy in and through the stairs to create ‘The Fairy Sanctuary’. And bespoke graphics and branded photo opportunities were designed for guests, creating a perfect Instagram moment.

For the Lost Boys Lair we dressed the undercroft in a jungle, hideaway style to create the perfect final setting for the party.