Jersey Royals - Brand Activation

Photo Credit : Clare Lewington

Photo Credit : Clare Lewington

Partridge Events have just designed and installed the first ever Jersey Royal Potato stand in the UK for Maltby Street Market! 

We were approached by Phipps Relations to collaborate on a brand activation for Jersey Royal, a key component in the growing of Jersey Royal potatoes is that “many farmers still use seaweed harvested from Jersey beaches as a natural fertilizer” (Jersey Royals). This being a key element we wanted to ensure the design incorporated the natural and organic feeling of the producing of the potato. 

We wanted the stand to look and feel rustic incorporating organic materials and traditional elements to make up the stand. Having a small footprint to design for, the main structure of the stand is a traditional and rustic cart. Every element of the stand had bespoke branding including branded wooden crates, this is where the Jersey Royal Potatoes were displayed and served creating a more organic and artistic feel.

This year is Jersey Royals 140th anniversary, with approximately 20 island farmers now growing Jersey Royal Potatoes. We organised the fabulous Michelin star chef Chris Gillard to cook and serve the Jersey Royal potatoes. The potatoes were steamed and served with fresh mint, butter and sea salt.  With Maltby Markets railway arches and decoration its become one one of the most picturesque markets in London and popular places to spend your weekend and you can always count on there being a high quality of traders. 

A fabulous way for team Partridge to spend their weekend! 🌞


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