London Pride 2017

We were so happy to be invited back to work for Pride 2017 after the last one all the way back in 2007. Our brief was to transform the ‘map’ area and café in City Hall, London, for the mayors Pride Party.
This year the party also ran in conjunction with a photographic exhibition celebrating Pride.
 We drew our inspiration for the design from the official pride 2017 "Love Happens Here" logo.  So we brought the rainbow colours into all the décor. We worked alongside Ficklestix who created all the amazing floor vinyls and window vinyls currently on show in the cafe.  
It was a fabulous day and so lovely to work with the vibrant rainbow colours in such an incredible space to create the end result you see above and below.
We had a great team of Stylists and fantastic suppliers who helped pull everything together down to the tiniest detail and we couldn't have been prouder to have been part of it.  

Saskia Frost