Halloween & The Day of The Dead

The Day of the Dead, 2nd of November, is a Mexican holiday where family and friends gather to remember and pray for those who have died and support them on their spiritual journey. The holiday is also known as Día de los Muertos. Participators honour the deceased by presenting gifts of intricately decorated sugar skulls, large papier-maché skeletons, orange marigolds and favourite foods and drinks of the departed to their graves. The paper-maché skeletons are so impressive and rise up above the crowds of people that parade through the streets. It is such an amazingly creative and beautiful way to celebrate the lives of those who have departed.

The Day of the Dead is growing ever more popular in Western cultures with many hosting Halloween parties taking on a lot of the same styles and designs you can see at the parades. Above are some photos we took last year at the incredible Day of the Dead exhibition at the British Museum. 

Here at Partridge we have created many Halloween extravaganzas, as well as one focused around the Day of the Dead. Some of our work can be seen in the images at the top of this post. We've also noticed some more emerging amazing Halloween trends - Game of Thrones (that we mentioned in our last Halloween post) and Gothic is also hugely popular and looks absolutely fabulous if you are wanting to dress a venue. The costume possibilities are pretty spectacular too. Have a look at our Pinterest board for a Gothic Inspired Halloween

If you're interested in hosting your own corporate or private party to celebrate Halloween please get in touch! It's not too late! Also visit our Pinterest page for more ideas!

Below is a still from the fantastic Spectre were we also saw amazingly dramatic and impressive shots of the Día de los Muertos parade.

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Saskia Frost