Brighton & Hove Pride 2016

Pride fever has finally hit us all here at Partridge towers and we cannot wait to see the amazing and almost outrageous carnival floats that will be carrying the Glitterati and flamboyant of Brighton & Hove gay scene, with the help of possibly the world, all coming to the city to show solidarity and embrace the diversity that is PRIDE!!!

After researching its history few people are aware that the first Pride was in the 70’s, as a political march, but then increasing with popularity and numbers in the 90’s. Even though the floats seemed handmade they were done in style and that’s what we believe it is all about!

2010 was possibly the first year ever that the parade had as many as 160,000 people celebrating. Every year is getting bigger and more fabulous, changing attitudes with promoting acceptance and equality.

As we are a team of creatives we are all about the designs, whether handmade or crafted by exceptional stylists. We believe that the message is clear when you see the parade, that we are all able to express ourselves no matter what. Pride gives us all a platform to exactly do that.

We all at Partridge wish you all a Happy and of course a FABULOUS Pride X

Saskia Frost