Summer Parties!

Summer is fast approaching (despite that very random snow spell the other day... what was that all about?!) and we’ve been helping you plan some fab summer soirees and day time gatherings.
This year has brought with it some new key trends to the party planning guide.

With social media becoming even more prominent in our day to day lives, 2015 events had to be “insta- worthy” and you can “look but don’t touch” displays. But this year people are moving away from picture perfect and guests are wanting to get more involved. In 2016 expect more lawn games, crafty creating workshops and group activities- building more of an experience rather than just an event you attend.

Decorating has also taken a turn from the mass produced to the unique. People are wanting their parties to stand out from the crowd and in doing so we are noticing themes being merged this year; Moroccan country picnics, tropical glamour, urban bohemian. So remember to take a little bit of what you fancy and pop it into one big mixing bowl to give your event the edge this year.

Alcohol is playing less of a key part in 2016 parties. With people wanting to create bigger experiences at their parties guests are also wanting to remember them! Mocktails are on the rise and are becoming more flamboyant and tropical with the ingredients that go into them.

If you’re still umming and ahhing about what fabulous festivity your going to throw this summer then get in touch!

We would love to help you out with whatever party planning procrastinations you're having ;). 

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