Wedding Trends 2016

Weddings used to be carbon copies of images that could be found in Bridal magazines. However 2016 is the year of imagination and creation. More and more couples are wanting to put their own personal stamp on their Big Day and ensuring that their guests have a truly unique experience. 

Three of the keys trends we are excited about for 2016 are:


Organic Florals

Mix & Match

Glitter and Metallic Shine

The use of glitter and metallic tones for weddings is becoming more and more popular and is set to be a big trend for 2016. We’ve seen it used for stationary, headpieces, favours and even food. Our favourite is the glitter cake- a pretty cake from the outside but once cut into guests are wowed with a cascade of glitter pouring out for the centre. Awesome. 

This glitz can instantly inject your wedding with a truly glamorous feel. And of course, we all want to sparkle on our Big Day.

Bring the Wild In

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature

and embroidered by imagination”


Over 2015 we noticed weddings getting greener and greener and now things are getting a little wilder. Muddled meadow bouquets are replacing organised ornamental flowers. Moss, trailing ivy and ferns are now a popular addition to this years bohemian paradise weddings.

Mix & Match

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

 Do you like elements of one theme and parts of another? Why not combine them and make your own unique experience. Weddings are becoming more imaginative with the Bride and Groom’s personalities really shining through their theming and decoration. 

This change in trend can be seen as a whole across all events and we are loving it!