The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

As part of the new commission at the Royal Pavilion, Dr Blighty, and the Brighton Festival the venue has been putting on a spectacular light display every evening for the past week. The magical moving artwork, such as wandering elephants, lilies unfolding on each of the domes and marching soldiers, is designed by Tom Piper (who also was behind the Tower of London Poppies). Starting at 9pm the performance tells the untold stories of the World War I soldiers who travelled from India to Allies. Over two thousand Indian soldiers were brought to be housed at a temporary hospital in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton

During the day Dr Blighty, which has taken over the grounds of the Pavilion estate, tells the story of some of the soldiers and the nursing staff who helped them back to recovery. Dotted around the grounds the actors use walk through installations to help set the scene for The Royal Pavilion’s historical past.

This Saturday the Philharmonic Orchestra will perform at the Dome alongside some of India’s leading contemporary musicians. This stunning exhibit will run until the 29th of May. 

Saskia Frost